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 Bagdad Primary School is situated in a rural setting 35 kilometres north of Hobart. The student population of about 140 has remained fairly stable and this is due in part to the Brighton area expanding and the fact that families wish to have their children educated in a relatively small school. The majority of students travel to and from school by bus. There are six class groups and most of these are composite in nature. The school places a strong emphasis on supporting families by providing a welcoming and supportive school environment. We encourage active parental participation in children's learning through parental help within classrooms and in such areas as the School Association and the canteen. The school provides a comprehensive learning program that addresses the components of the Australian Curriculum. There is a strong emphasis on the teaching of literacy and numeracy skills to each student which is achieved through dedicated English and Mathematics teaching time each day and through other areas of the curriculum. The school offers specialised programs in Physical Education and Music and is a Kids Matter and Move Well, Eat Well school.There is a strong tradition of children learning about their environment through undertaking opportunities in landcare and kitchen gardening. The school has a vibrant and well-supported Early Years program in the form of 'Little Lambs' playgroup and 'Ready Learners' for pre-Kindergarten aged children. Students are encouraged to be actively involved in our school and to develop leadership skills through their participation in the Student Representative Council and as "Buddies" to their peers.  

We value - 


Students are engaged in positive, productive and supported learning experiences and encouraged towards lifelong learning.


​We have high expectations for our learners and a strong commitment to the persuit of excellence and innovation.


We achieve growth and strength through partnerships and connections with our students, community and the world.​


Positive and effective interactons with each other and the environment are conducted on the basis of responsibility, integrity and accountability.​


​We encourage our students to be responsible for their learning and for relationships with other students and their environment.


We encourage our students to develop creative and critical thinking skills that will provide the basis for them becoming lifelong learners.


​We all have the right to challenging and engaging learning opportunities in appropriate settings.